VAT Compliance

VAT is a complex tax and the rules regarding VAT are often difficult to understand.  The Revenue Commissioners are also increasing their focus on VAT compliance for all types of businesses.  This is time consuming and oftentimes costly for businesses.  Ryan & Hickey provide VAT services catering for a wide range of business needs – from clients who drop in a box of invoices and receipts every two months, to those who require real time records to be maintained.

The focus of our VAT services is to comply with Revenue obligations, maintain accurate records and reduce the burden of tax compliance.  This leaves our customers to focus on running, consolidating and expanding their businesses.  We can make it as easy as dropping in a box of invoices and receipts to us

The main benefits of our VAT service include:

  • A tailored service catering for your business’s particular needs
  • Removes the burden of VAT compliance from the business management, allowing you to concentrate on the core activities of the business
  • Saves on personnel costs, software costs and management time
  • Professional and up to date advice on changes to VAT

Key features of our service include:

  • Maintenance of proper books and records for your business, in line with Revenue requirements
  • Identification of possible cost savings in relation to VAT recovery
  • Direct access to expertise on technical queries in relation to the application and appropriate rate of VAT on different transactions
  • Overseeing the completion and submission of accurate returns to the Revenue Commissioners on a timely basis
  • Preparation of VAT3, VAT RTD, Intrastat and VIES Returns.
  • Dealing with compliance queries and requests from the Revenue Commissioners
  • Fixed fees agreed in advance.