Revenue Audits

If you have been selected for audit, good preparation before the audit is essential to ensure it runs smoothly.

We can help you prepare in the following ways:

  • Discuss areas which the auditor is likely to focus on
  • Prepare for issues which are likely to be queried
  • Inform you of the possible penalties which could arise if irregularities are uncovered and the implications of making a disclosure of any irregularities prior to commencement of the audit
  • Accompany you at the initial and closing meetings with the auditor and provide ongoing consultation during the course of the audit
  • Should you wish to dispute some of the findings in the Revenue’s audit report or settlement amount for underpaid tax, we can advise you on the review and appeal process open to you.
  • Advise on all of Revenue’s powers, including those outside of the audit mechanism, and the potential penalties which can apply for non-compliance.